About BetonBook

BetonBook Pvt. Ltd. is a registered company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The company was created to solve the employee management problems that the SMBs face currently; mainly revolving around attendance tracking and payroll management.
BetonBook can be used on both Mobile Phone and Desktop Computer.
Our attendance tracking solution allows you to:
  1. 1. Mark employee attendance manually.
  2. 2. Let employees to mark their attendance by taking a selfie picture and capturing the live location on their phones.
  3. 3. Let employees to mark their attendance by just scanning their face. The system will automatically recognize the face and mark their attendance.
Other features:
  1. 1. Track in and out time of your employees.
  2. 2. Create Yearly Holiday Templates and Leave Policy for your employees.
  3. 3. Track shifts they are working in (morning shift, night shift etc.)
  4. 4. Create automation rules to deduct late fine when the employees are late, early exit fine when the employees leave early, and add overtime when the employees work even after their shift ends.
  5. 5. Save salary payment records and quickly know the balance amount that you need to pay to your employees.
  6. 6. Add allowances, bonuses, and deductions for your employees.
  7. 7. Track daily work that your employees are doing on any day.
  8. 8. Download and Share Staff Salary Slips.
  9. 9. Create Departments and View Department-wise Payment and Attendance Reports.
  10. 10. Create Manager and Admin Roles to allow them to mark attendance and track staff payments.
Leadership Team:
  1. 1. Rupesh Kumar Mishra (Managing Director)
  2. 2. Adarsh Kumar (Director)

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